Bathroom organization for a small space! 

I live in an older house and while it’s cute, it has a few setbacks. One of them being tiny bathrooms. I have 2 wall cabinets in the bathroom I use to get ready in but that still wasn’t enough storage for me. I have a lot of hair products that I like to keep handy because while I have a lot of hair, the texture is very thin. So it becomes susceptible to humidity, rain and anything that isn’t a beautiful 72-degree sunny day and I need an arsenal of products to prepare my hair for the weather otherwise I end up looking like a fuzzy mess.
This is not an original idea, I found it on Pinterest as most of us do these days but I did alter it to my own tastes. The original idea used black zip ties to attach the baskets to the towel bar which I found to be unappealing. I was able to obtain most of the items needed at Home Depot but I had to venture to Target to find baskets that I thought were cute enough

I found these clip rings for $3 in the drapery aisle which have these strong clips that worked really well for the baskets. If you have heavier items to put in your baskets I would recommend using more of the rings to help distribute the weight evenly, I used 3 on one basket and 4 on the other which had heavier bottles in it. 

I found this towel bar for $27 at Home Depot as well. They have several different styles and colors so you can match the color scheme and decor of your bathroom pretty easily.

Installation was really easy and quick, it only took me about 10 minutes to have it assembled. The kit that came with the towel bar had a paper sheet that had the exact dimensions of the bar as it would be once installed and had the precise location of where to drill the holes for the screws. All I had to do was make sure the paper was level and then tape it and drill!

I’m really impressed with the end result. I was worried the clip rings might not hold up the heavy baskets but I’ve had this installed in my bathroom and using it daily for about 2 months now and nothing has fallen or shows any signs of impending doom.