All that glitters!

Normally I have an aversion to glitter. It sticks to everything and seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to completely remove it from your vanity, so I was intrigued when I saw this glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay that is already mixed with an adhesive. The line is called Heavy Metal and it currently comes in 7 different shades, I chose Midnight Cowboy which is a golden shade of glitter and seemed the most versatile of the line. I paid $20 for this eyeliner which is the same price you would pay for their Glide-On eye pencils which I love. 

The packaging is a little meh. It comes in a plastic tube which holds .25 ounces of product. While I love that you can see exactly how the product looks in the clear tube, the lettering is difficult to read.

 The applicator is a very fine/thin brush for precise application. Urban Decay’s pro tip is to remove the “wiper” which is the black tube insert that removes the excess product when dipping the applicator into the tube and apply the product directly to the desired area with your fingers. I opted not to do this for my eye look as I wanted to see if I could achieve a weekend day look (meaning something I could rock on the weekends during the day but still not something I could wear to my job with a strict dress code) with this glitter liner. For my sassy glitter eye look I decided that I wanted to go with a slick thin line close to my waterline. BAD IDEA! IT BURNS! Not sure why I though it would be OK to put something with adhesive in it so close to my eyeball. After I recovered from my brilliance, I wiped off my mistake with my eye makeup remover wipes (surprisingly it removed easily, but it had not dried completely yet) and went in again. This time I decided I’d do a bolder line nowhere near my precious eye. The application was pretty easy and I never use liquid liners so it’s not as if I have a good handle on liquid liners to begin with. I applied this to my upper eyelid as well to achieve maximum sass and sparkle. 

I LOVE THIS EYELINER. I felt it made my green eyes really pop and made a simple eye look feel like I spent a lot more time than I actually did. This isn’t counting the “break” I took while getting ready because Rex broke into the kitchen which I thought I had expertly blocked off with chairs (never underestimate a German Shepherd with a sweet tooth) and ate 8 cupcakes, wrappers and all, that were cooling for a birthday party I was going to. I am going to purchase more of the shades in this line and experiment with different looks. I think it would be fun to mix eyeliner with this glitter to give it more depth as well. It stayed on my skin well throughout the day and I wore it for over ten hours and it wore very well. Removal was okay, I mean it is gltter. It was hard to get a few of the flecks of glitter off, but hey, that’s glitter for ya! 




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